Flexible Payment Plan
Terms and Conditions

1. All installments must be paid in full before course date, according to the selected payment options.

2. All transactions made on the flexible payment plan are subject to a minimum 30% down payment and service charges.

3. For down payments made with card, subsequent installments will be made via direct debit on the same card.

4. Course will be locked down upon initial down payment. A lien will be placed on the booking until all installments are paid in full.

5. Date Change is permitted. Candidate will pay the difference in course fee and applicable charges.

6. Candidate is prohibited from booking for another course until all installments are paid in full.

7. Default Policy;

i. Default on the agreed payment plan will attract a 5% penalty charge.

ii. Course booking will be cancelled 7 days to training date or after a 30day grace period (whichever is closer).

8. In the case of refund, the down payment will be utilized in paying all cancellation fees for the course or materials. However, if the cancellation fees exceeds down payment, the relevant deductions will be made from the amount paid before refund.

9. Discounts are not available on Flexible payment plan until final payment.

10. Course materials will not be released BEFORE payment of the final installment.