Seller Agreement
Obligations of Training center

1. The Training center agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Healthrak’s Seller Agreement, as well as all other Healthrak Terms and Conditions which bind its Training centers including Healthrak’s Privacy, Returns Policy and Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy.

2. Accreditation: Training Center warrants that they are accredited and licensed to provide all courses they list on the website.

3. Training location: Training Center also warrants that the office address stated on the site is a physical location rented by their training center using their business name.

4. If at any point, Healthrak discovers that training centers are not accredited or licensed to provide the courses listed on the site, training centers will be liable to pay a penalty in the amount of double the standard commission for that course category for all prior requests placed through Healthrak Ltd. The Training center will also be permanently expelled from the programme and may be permanently delisted from the Healthrak platform

5. Payment will be made within 2 to 3 working days to training centers after the training

6. Prices are liable to change at any time but changes will not affect course fees in respect of which we have already sent you an order confirmation

7. Training Center warrants that it shall offer accredited courses, products, standards and business transparency. Training Center understands that Healthrak may routinely carry out quality checks on its facility and processes to verify.

8. Training Center shall maintain price parity on all its courses advertised on Healthrak, and through other mediums and platforms. i.e. Training Center shall never sell the same courses elsewhere at a price that is cheaper than the price listed on Healthrak.

9. Training Center shall grant Healthrak access as necessary to its course schedule and branding materials for promotional purposes. Training Center shall also grant Healthrak the rights to use its trademarks in the marketing and promotion of Training Center’s courses.

10. Training Center hereby commits towards investing in, or otherwise carrying out its own campaigns towards the promotion of the courses sold through the Healthrak Learn now initiative, in order to intimate the general public that the courses.

11. Training center instructors must have up to date instructor licenses on courses requiring renewal as failure to ensure updated licenses may result in removal from Healthrak.

12. Training Center warrants that its business is fully registered in Nigeria and has a Tax Identification Number (TIN).

13. Vendors shall be required to comply with all regulatory obligations required in carrying out their obligations under these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to compliance with tax obligations, DPR registration, Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) requirements, etc.

Obligations of Healthrak:

1. Healthrak shall provide Training Center with free onboarding and training on its Training Center Platform.

2. Healthrak shall provide free software platform to upload its courses (Applicable to New training centers only).

3. Training Center shall be entitled to free inclusion in Healthrak’s list of training centers, where Healthrak exhibits courses delivered by training centers.

4. Healthrak shall provide Training Center with inclusion in Healthrak marketing and PR campaigns.

5. Healthrak shall grant Training Center free access to its training resources for business growth and development.

These Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time, and where the Terms and Conditions are updated, they will be communicated to all Healthrak Training centers, who would have the option to terminate the Agreement, and be delisted as a Healthrak Training centers, where they do not wish to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. Failure by the Healthrak Training center to terminate the Agreement would be construed as agreement to the updated Terms and Conditions.

Where Training Center’s courses no longer meet the laid down requirements for classification as Healthrak courses, Training Center’s courses would no longer be qualified to participate in the Healthrak learning programmes.